It was just an old farm house on a road from nowhere to a place less important. But you could see the potential. This would be your slice of heaven on earth. That was a year ago. Now its time to furnish this little corner of paradise. If you could make it yourself, this is exactly how you would make it. No shortcuts. The best materials you could find, and all the time in the world to get it done.

Made with solid hard maple tops and benches, your Grand kids, Grand kids will be having breakfast at this country kitchen set a hundred years from now. This set has been distressed at all the normal wear points giving it an authentic 'all ready 100 years old' look. And because the quality of construction is so high, the aged look is even more convincing. Best of all, because your set will be custom made, you can order the way you want it. Maybe barn red instead of black, or dark forest green. Or maybe you would prefer oak instead of maple. Just ask.